Dr. Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk

Born in 1991 in Istanbul, Dr Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk completed her high school education at Kültür Fen High School. She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, where she started her academic education in 2009. She earned her master’s degree in 2014 with her thesis on “Diagnosis and Treatment of Diastema”.

In 2015, she started her speciality training at Bezmialem Vakıf University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics.

We keep the comfort of our patients in the center of oral and dental health perspective.

In 2016, she was at the University of Milan due to her scientific research conducted jointly with Prof Dr Massimo Del Fabbro and his team. She completed her speciality training in 2019. Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk received the title of Specialist Dentist by presenting her specialist thesis titled “Evaluation of the Cytotoxic Properties of Modified Biodentine Material with Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles”. In the summer of 2019, she had the opportunity to closely observe the work of Dr Louis Guenin and his team in London. Dr Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk, who has participated in many congresses and symposiums at home and abroad, has many scientific presentations and publications in various congresses.

Dr Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk, who founded the Urban Dental Clinic with Dr Yusuf Yuca in 2020 and continues to accept her patients here, is a member of the Turkish Endodontics Association, the European Endodontics Association, the World Endodontics Association and the Aesthetic Dentistry Academy (EDAD).

Dr. Yusuf Yuca

Dr Yusuf Yuca, who was born in Istanbul in 1988, completed his high school education at Yeşilköy Anatolian High School. He graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry, where he started his academic education in 2007, by earning his master’s degree in 2014.

In 2014, he was awarded a PhD education in the Department of Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery at Bezmialem Vakıf University Faculty of Dentistry.

Innovative and Protective Approach

In 2019, he received the title of Doctor Dentist by presenting his dissertation on “Comparison of Ozone Therapy and Efficiency of Low-Level Laser Therapy in Traumatic Facial Nerve Injury Model”. Dr Yusuf Yuca’s thesis was awarded the best research award at the World Dentistry (FDI) congress in San Francisco, California that same year. He attended many congresses, symposiums, training and seminars throughout his career.

In 2019, Dr Yusuf Yuca, who founded Urban Dental Clinic with Tuğçe Yuca Öztürk and continues to accept his patients here, is a member of the Turkish Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Association (TAOMS) and the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Association (AÇBİD).

Our Principles

Innovative Approach
We prioritize our patients' satisfaction with our innovative and protective approach by closely following scientific developments.
Patient Comfort
We work without compromising hygiene and sterilization rules based on patient comfort in terms of oral and dental health.
To contribute to the dentistry profession, we work with a team spirit, constantly improving and renewing ourselves.
We understand the importance of naturalness in the beauty of our patients; and we offer honest, reliable and highest quality oral and dental care.